Religious Liberalism
Thursday, October 05, 2006
This is a response to the question: "Can military coups be a good idea sometimes, even in democratic countries?"

Sure, democracy can go overboard - to survive there must be liberty. A military regime *can* provide far more liberty than a democratic one. The Palestinian government would be a great example of a democracy without any freedoms. From what I've heard Allende was going down the same track. So is Chavez. All 'democratic', none 'liberal.' Thailand? I'm withholding judgement. Thaksin was corrupt, but was his regime becoming illiberal on any substantive level?

A religious liberal is committed both to his or her religion and to the belief that governments are established primarily for the protection of individual liberty and human rights.

Chana is the academic who wrote Liberty, G-d's Gift to Humanity, Joseph relates the ideas to current events and discussions.

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